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Kroner High School Reunion. The gym is decorated in a Wizard Of Oz theme, "There's No Place Like Kroner." The DJ is spinning some 70's music and there's buckets scattered throughout to catch the leaks. You can hear the rain and thunder, as Mulder and Scully look around the gym for Holman. Scully says that there's been 7 inches of rain in the past 6 hours and there's now a flash flood warning. They locate Holman and pull him out of the gym and into the hallway. Mulder tells Holman to make it stop. Holman tells him that it's his fault because he was kissing Sheila. As if on cue, Sheila enters and greets some of her "favorite people", Holman and Mulder. Holman compliments Sheila on how she looks. Holman and I have very different taste, apparently. Sheila sure does love the color red, that's for certain. Sheila tells Holman that he looks handsome, and then pays the same compliment to Mulder. A slow song starts playing and she asks Mulder to dance. Scully cuts in and says that Holman wanted to dance. She then nudges Mulder, who concurs. As Sheila and Holman head back inside the gym, Mulder desperately tells Holman to tell Sheila. As Sheila and Holman dance, she asks him what Mulder meant. Holman says that it's not a big deal and Sheila reminds him that they tell each other everything. Holman starts reminding her of their chat earlier that day and she remembers. "When you said you loved me." Holman looks like he might puke. "What I meant to say... what I wanted you to understand... is that I'm in love with you. That I've loved you since high school." Sheila looks upset and walks away from him. I don't think that's the response he was hoping for. Sidebar: I've personally been "The Sheila" in this type of situation. And it sucks. Royally. Especially when you really don't feel the same way and you end up breaking your best friend's heart. It blows. Anyways, Mulder and Scully have been watching this go down, swaying together to the music, and when Sheila walks away from Holman they give each other the panic face. "I'll build the ark, you gather the animals," Mulder quips. Scully walks away and heads towards the bathroom. "I was kidding," he calls after her.

Ladies Bathroom Of Awkward Girl Talk. Sheila is staring at her reflection in one of the mirrors, wondering if she should put on some more mascara. Which I don't think is possible. Scully approaches her and starts to tell her about Mulder's theory. " Agent Mulder believes that the drought, this storm these bizarre set of weather conditions that have plagued you over the years are... are caused by Holman." Scully goes on to tell Sheila that Holman's emotions are affecting the weather and that he's " unwittingly destroying this town" because he loves her. Sheila gives Scully a look. "You love him, don't you?" Scully thinks this bimbo has lost her mind. "You're jealous because Agent Mulder and I have a special connection and you're trying to divert me to Holman." Scully's all, "You are one crazy ho. The only 'special connections' Mulder has are with me, got it?" Ok, she doesn't really say that. But she was thinking it.

High School Gym. Dimwit Daryl the Drunk has arrived on crutches and hobbles over to Mulder. He proclaims that "it's good to be the king" and he wants to know where Sheila is. Mulder asks Daryl about the missing leg. "[Miss Perky] took it. She said I'd have to crawl back to her. Where's Sheila?" Hey, I kind of like Miss Perky now. She's at least someone who's not gonna put up with Daryl's crap.

Ladies Bathroom Of Admitting One's True Feelings. Sheila is shocked that Mulder and Scully have never even kissed. Get in line, sister. Sheila then comments on Mulder's kissing ability, which I find ridiculous because he didn't even kiss her back. Whatever. Sheila says that she never thought of Holman that way and that he's her closest friend. Scully then gives a speech, projecting her own feelings for Mulder onto Sheila's situation with Holman: "Well, it seems to me that the best relationships -- the ones that last -- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is... suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with." Then the sinks start filling up with dirty water and overflowing onto the floor. Scully and Sheila run out of the bathroom.


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