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Television Studio Of A Weatherman's Astute Observations And An FBI Agent's Painful Denial. Holman and Mulder are having their dating conversation. Apparently, Mulder has admitted to Holman that he's no Eddie Van Blundht. "I've been envious of men like you my whole life. Based on your physical bearing, I'd assumed you were... More experienced. I mean... You spend every day with Agent Scully" (Mulder sighs and stops walking) "a beautiful, enchanting woman. And you two never, uh...?" (Mulder stares at Holman, with his jaws clenched) "I... confess I find that shocking. I... I've seen how you two gaze at one another." Mulder waits a beat, before he takes Holman's shoulder and leads him out of the room. "This is about you, Holman. I'm here to help you. I'm perfectly happy with my friendship with Agent Scully." Oh, brother. Except, I think at this point Mulder may actually believe this a little bit. Remember, this is the year of The Fowl One. So, she's hanging around in the back of Mulder's mind. Anyways, Holman recaps Mulder's theory that if he just tells Sheila how he feels, then the drought will end. Mulder straightens Holman's tie and tells him to just tell her how he feels. Holman walks towards Sheila's office. Special Agent Fox "Loser By Choice" Mulder then exclaims "Holman! I do not gaze at Scully." Yes you do.

Sidebar: According to Shadowman Michaud it was Scully who had to make a move. Mulder isn't the one who initiates their physical relationship. So the more I think of it, it seems as though Holman represents Scully and Sheila, the oblivious one, represents Mulder. I think Scully knows perfectly well how she feels about Mulder, but she's got those fear of intimacy issues. And like Holman, who has stayed in this po-dunk town all these years just for Sheila, the major reason Scully has stayed down in the basement is to be with Mulder. Sheila is still hung up on that waste of space Daryl and Mulder clearly has hang-ups about Diana.

Television Studio Of Unrequited Love Confessions, Crippled Combat And Embarrassing Displays Of Affection. Sheila's working in her office. Holman walks in and asks to speak with her for a minute. Sheila asks him if he's excited about the high school reunion. He says he is, then notices she's busy and tries to back out. But she tells him to spit it out. "I... I love you." Sheila says that she loves him to, but she says it in a friendly way. She then asks him what's wrong. Mulder's standing outside the office and notices that it's started raining. Sheila and Holman walk out of the office, Sheila very cheerily greets Mulder and then tells Holman that she'll see him tonight. Mulder smiles at Holman and tells him that he did it. "No, you did." Holman says that Sheila told him that she loves him, but she's in love with Mulder. Mulder is speechless. In the hallway, Daryl is talking to Sheila. He made his move but she told him there was somebody else. He's agitated and Sheila tells him that this is not the right place for this conversation. Daryl has grabbed her arm and she's trying to get him to let her go. At this point, Mulder walks in on this scene and tells Daryl to quit it. Sheila smiles at Mulder adoringly. Daryl gives a disgusted look. "This is the guy? What's he got that I ain't got" Mulder just shrugs meekly. Sheila then spouts off Mulder's qualities, seeing as how she knows him so well, including things like having "a job" and "good looks." Daryl is not down with Mulder's good looks and takes a swing at Mulder, who easily gets out of the way. Sheila doesn't want Daryl to hit Mulder in the face, seeing as how the "good looks" are high on her list of Mulder's best qualities. Daryl swings again but Mulder grabs him, pins him against the wall and cuffs him. I don't know why Daryl even tried to fight him. Mulder is an FBI agent and Daryl is a one-legged dimwit. Daryl then accuses Mulder of picking on a cripple and that he'll hear from Daryl's lawyer. Sheila tells Mulder that he deserves a big reward. Mulder shakes his head. Seeing as how Mulder hasn't given Sheila any inclination that he has any regard for her, she grabs him and kisses him, pushing him against the wall. Mulder's hands are gripping her shoulders as he tries to wiggle away from her. Holman and Scully come walking around the corner. Holman is shocked and then runs away. Scully just stares in amazement at Mulder. Mulder manages to get Sheila off of him. He stares at Scully. He looks guilty, yo. Scully then tells Mulder that the fog has lifted and if he's ready, they can leave. Scully doesn't seem all that upset over this. Sheila ain't exactly a threat. But if that were Diana, her reaction would've been slightly different. In The End, Scully had to go out and sit in the car to regain composure just because she saw Diana grab Mulder's hand. Anyways, Mulder notices a TV screen and asks Scully if she's familiar with weather radar and asks her what red means. She thinks it means thunderstorms. They both watch the monitor as a huge red mass starts spinning over the area. "Looks like we're not going to be able to catch our plane," Mulder says.


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