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Television Studio Of Getting Your Hopes Up And Then Having Them Dashed To Pieces. Holman is trying to proclaim his true feelings for Sheila. "I've tried to say this a thousand times... tried to express the... fire that burns inside this... humble exterior. Sheila, you're the reason I remained in this town all these years. I wake up each day knowing..." Apparently, Holman was talking to his reflection in a mirror. His phone is ringing and it's Sheila calling. He tells her that he was just thinking about her and he's looking forward to the reunion. Sheila's in a good mood and it's all because of Holman. His face lights up. "I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about what you said about Daryl yesterday and I realized that you were right." She says that she's over Daryl and realizes she's been chasing the wrong kind of guy. Holman looks really happy and "[he] can't tell [her] what that means to [him]." Sheila then wants to ask Holman something and she wants it to be their secret. "What do you think of Agent Mulder?" There's a huge crash of thunder outside. Holman then hangs up the phone and contemplates strangling himself with the cord.

Television Studio Of An FBI Agent Giving A Weatherman Advice That He Himself Refuses To Follow. So it's the next morning and Mulder has come to Holman's office for a quick chat. Mulder tells Holman he wants him to get some help before he kills somebody. Holman feigns ignorance. Mulder says that he knows that Holman is the one causing all this whack weather. Holman says that if he indeed could control the weather, doesn't Mulder think he'd end the drought. Mulder doesn't think Holman does it on purpose but "[he bottles] up [his] emotions -- anger, grief, or love or whatever -- and then, as a response, it rains or hails or there's a flying cow. And whatever it is, [he's] got to let it out." As if Mulder's one to talk about expressing one's true feelings. Holman says that he can't let his feelings out. "Yeah, you can. It's Sheila, isn't it? You love her. You've always loved her. That tornado at the high school... that was you, wasn't it?" Holman then says that he came across Sheila and her boyfriend, "en flagrante delicto." Mulder asks Holman if he's never told Sheila how he feels. "How can a frog tell a swan that he loves her?" How can a narcissistic, overzealous, self-righteous, egomaniac believer tell a closed down, self-protective, intimacy-issues addled skeptic that he loves her? Your guess is as good as mine. Mulder tells Holman that he better tell Sheila before somebody gets killed. Holman wants Mulder to help him, but Mulder's got a plane to catch. Holman asks who will help him, if Mulder doesn't. Mulder says that he's got to meet his partner at the airport. Mulder's cell phone rings.

Scully: Mulder, it's me.

Mulder: I'm coming.

Scully: The plane won't take off because of the fog.

Mulder: Holman!

Scully: I'm Scully, Mulder.

Mulder: No, Holman wants dating advice.

Scully: From who?

Mulder: That would be me.

Scully: ...

Mulder: ...

Scully: ...

Mulder ...

Scully: ...

Mulder: Um, hello? Scully?

Scully: Yeah, I'm here. When was the last time you had a date with an actual person and not a phone sex operator, Marty?

Mulder: Bye bye!

Scully: I pity the fool.

Office Of Daryl, The Ex-Redneck Rain King. Miss Perky is adding up some calculations and hands Daryl the tape with the figures. The result is apparently a red number and Daryl hangs his head on the desk. Miss Perky looks sympathetic. "Daryl, you're like one of those tragic rock stars. You know, like, Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain. Biggie Smalls or 2Pac. Or Rick James. George Michael. Leif Garrett. Or any of those dudes on VH1's Behind the Music. You just shine too bright for too short a time." She then ruffles his hair and tells him that someday it'll be a nice story to tell their kids. Daryl then gets pissy and says that he can't afford kids. That he needs cash "pronto" and he's in "deep doo-doo" if he doesn't come up with it. Miss Perky then offers her $6/hr Dairy Queen wages and she's confident they can get the money he needs. Daryl isn't really paying attention to her and then comes up with a brilliant idea: Sheila. Daryl tells Miss Perky that she's real sweet and all, but he thinks they needs some time apart. "What? Are you breaking up with me?" Honey, you should be counting your blessings. Daryl tells her that it's nothing personal and then he leaves.


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