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Kroner, Kansas. Six Months Later. A small airplane lands in a dried up field, with nothing around except for a trailer. Mulder and Scully get out of the plane. You wouldn't get me in one of those tiny planes. Well, unless Mulder was with me. Then I might consider it. Mulder and Scully are greeted by the mayor and his daughter, who's dressed in a red, white and blue leotard and twirling a baton. She's also playing music on a boombox. Mulder and Scully exchange a look. "Don't look at me. This was your idea," she tells Mulder. They approach the mayor and he greets Mulder, saying that they had spoken on the phone. The mayor then looks at Scully. "If I'd have known you was bringing the missus, I would've arranged for fancier accommodations." Mulder waggles his eyebrows and smiles, but says nothing and looks at Scully. Scully clears the matter up by saying that she's Mulder's partner. Potato Potahto. Let's face it, they're married. Just not legally. Or sexually. Yet. Anyways, Scully is sure the accommodations will be fine. The mayor shakes her hand and apologizes. Mulder seems pleasantly amused by this. The mayor then thanks them for flying out to Kansas to help them with their crisis and he wishes they could've had a bigger welcome. Sidebar: How did they get Kersh to allow this little trip? I mean, he must've allowed it since he wasn't calling them up and chewing them out. But this isn't domestic terrorism. Well... the baton twirling might be. Anyways, the mayor tells his daughter to stop the show and go find her mother. Scully inquires after the crisis since Mulder hasn't filled her in on the specific details, as per usual. The mayor says that the drought is ruining everyone's lives and that it's not fair for one single man to benefit from it. Apparently, Daryl from the teaser is charging people for rain. He comes to a farm, does a "dog and pony act and the heavens weep." Scully doesn't think that's a crime. The mayor is of the opinion that Daryl's causing the drought so he can charge for rain. Scully gives Mulder the Look of Death. He tries to look innocent.

Downtown Kroner. Mulder and Scully get out of their Sensible Rental Car and walk down the street. They're in mid-argument. Mulder gets defensive because Scully apparently accused him of intentionally misleading her. He says that Kroner is "ground zero for extreme weather." Scully thinks a man controlling the weather is ridiculous. There's a surprise. Mulder says that if Daryl is controlling the weather for profit, it's a crime and they should investigate it. Scully thinks the people of this town are so desperate, they'll look for any scapegoat. Mulder wants to know how many scapegoats lease office space.

Office Of Daryl, The Redneck Rain King. Mulder opens the door for Scully as they walk into the office. At the receptionist's desk, sits a young woman with curly dark blonde hair, tied half-way pretty high up on her head, and behind her is a huge sign that says "Rain King." She's talking on the phone, all perky and with a thick mid-western drawl. Mulder flashes his badge and introduces himself and Scully. Miss Perky holds up her finger and continues telling the poor sap on the phone that Daryl needs a six-pack of beer, a carton of Morley Lights and a bowl of jellybeans, with the green ones picked out. Miss Perky finally hangs up the phone. "Now what can I do for the FBI?" Mulder says they want to see the king, and he slams an Elvis accent on that last part. Daryl's on business, making it rain in Nebraska. Scully would like a client list. Miss Perky gets defensive and asks them if they need a warrant or a subpoena for that. "Usually we just say please." I don't think Scully likes Miss Perky any more than I do. Then Miss Perky starts saying how Daryl is a hero in the community! And he saved her daddy's farm! How dare Mulder and Scully accuse him! Mulder notices the weather report on the TV and sees it raining in Nebraska. Miss Perky says that's Daryl working his magic. "Is it possible that he could've just followed it up there?" Scully asks. Mulder gives her a look like, "Do you realize how stupid that sounds?" Miss Perky hands over the client list and insists that they're all satisfied customers. Mulder asks if the TV station is close by.


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