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Television Studio Of One Really Dumb Bimbo. Sheila walks into Holman's office and sits on his desk while he's typing on his laptop. She asks him if they're still going to go to the reunion together on Friday. Holman confirms and calls it "the social event of the decade." Oh, dear. These people need to get out and see the world. Or at least spend a weekend in the closest big city. I'm not sure what that is, though. Kansas City? But isn't that in one of the M states? I guess I don't really know. I live in New York and so all those states in the middle are all kind of the same to me. Sheila remarks on how fast the past twenty years have gone by and then she asks Holman about what Mulder and Scully wanted. He says that they were just asking about Daryl and his rain. "I wish they'd just go back to wherever they came from and leave him alone." Why? He's a moron. Holman can't believe she still loves Daryl after he treated her like crap, he never loved Sheila and he only wanted her money and as soon as he got his own money he dropped her. "But I think he used to love me." She really is dense. Does she not recall those Valentine's Day events from the teaser? That was a man in love, I tell ya. Holman tries to drop a hint. "There are other men who would love you more." Sheila either didn't hear this or she's got a really short attention span because all she says is she won't get any sleep knowing the FBI are "poking around." Holman is crestfallen.

Cool View Motor Court. It's really windy outside and and it seems as though a storm is brewing. Scully tosses in her bed before turning on the light. The clock turns 3:08am and then Scully lies back down in bed, clearly irritated at being kept up all night because of the whack weather in this hick town and she'd really like to go home but she's stuck there because of her "intimacy through co-dependency" issues. We then chung chung over to Mulder's room, where he's still up reading newspaper articles about Kroner's weird weather. As the storm gets worse, Mulder gets up and looks out the window. He then sees a cow lifted off the ground and fly through the air. Mulder looks up at the ceiling and he can hear the mooing of the cow grow louder. He dives out of the way just as the cow comes crashing through the ceiling. Got milk? Mulder was in his boxer shorts, ya'll. Just wanted to mention it.

Next Morning. Scully's in Mulder's motel room, checking out the hole in the ceiling. Some dude with a chainsaw suggests that she leave unless she wants to be covered in hamburger. Scully walks out and then is greeted by a motel employee who tells her that they've moved her "boyfriend's" things into her room. Special Agent Dana "Queen of Denial" Scully says that Mulder's just her partner and that they prefer separate rooms. I somehow doubt that. Mulder seems really at home whenever he's hanging out in her motel rooms or in Arcadia when Mulder accused Scully of wanting to "play house," it was him who wanted to play house. Anyways, the lady calls Scully "old fashioned" and tells her that they're booked full because of the reunion. Looks like Mulder and Scully will be sharing a bed, then. Offscreen, of course. Scully walks over to Mulder, who's arm is being mended by a doctor. He's been cut or something. "Scully, I don't think it's a coincidence that a cow gets hurled at me just as we're down here investigating the weather." Scully then starts checking his scalp and head, asking Mulder if he was checked out for head trauma. Scully just wanted an excuse to run her fingers through Mulder's hair. And I don't blame her. Because he looks really hot here. He's got this gray-blue t-shirt on and it's pretty tight. Mmm. He's looking good. Ok, I'll stop. Mulder is adamant that the cow had his name on it. Holman has arrived and he looks really sorry about what happened to Mulder. He says he feels terrible and if Mulder needs anything, to just ask. Scully would like Holman to explain to Mulder that what happened with the cow wasn't anything paranormal. Holman then comments that a mini-twister picked the cow up. Now the Sheila Bimbo has arrived. She's crying and a lot of mascara is streaming down her face. That's what happens when you apply half a tube every morning. Holman runs over to her and tells her that she shouldn't be there. She comes over to Mulder and Scully, telling them that this is her fault.


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