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Scully's Motel Room Of Depressing Memories, Freaky Hand Kissing And Awakening Epiphanies. So Sheila's sitting on Scully's bed, crying her eyes out. Scully holds a box of tissues and Mulder sits across from Sheila as the doctor fixes up Mulder's arm. Holman's standing by the door. Sheila is upset that she murdered the cow. Then she begins to recount the sad story of her life accompanied by visual flashbacks, starting with a tornado at her senior prom, a snowstorm during her July wedding, her husband running off with some other chick and happy clouds on the day her divorce was finalized. Mulder wants to know what her connection to Daryl is. Sheila tells him that they were engaged six months ago but then they got into a fight, he drove off and a freak hailstorm cost him his leg. Mulder guesses that's when the rain started following him. Sheila wants to know if she's under arrest. Mulder says no, but she should be arrested by the Fashion Police if you ask me. Mulder gets Scully to back him up and assure Sheila that she's not responsible for the weather. Sheila says that she really wants to believe Mulder and then she kisses his hand. What a freakshow. I don't know if it's just me, but a girl kissing a guy's hand is just weird. Scully's eyebrowing all over the place. So I guess she feels the same as I do. Plus, this is her boyfriend so I'm sure she's even more uncomfortable over this. Sheila then grabs Holman's hand and then leaves the room. The doctor then announces that the hailstorm had nothing to do with Daryl's leg. He was driving too fast and he was drunk. Holman is surprised. "Drunk?... I never heard that." The doctor says they felt that Daryl losing his leg was punishment enough. Holman is clearly upset by this.

Nebraska Farm Of A Redneck Getting What's Coming To Him. Miss Perky is massaging Daryl's shoulders while he sits under a tent. Daryl's babbling about how people don't realize how hard it is to sit around and drink beer while another dude's suppressed feelings makes it rain wherever Daryl goes. Whoops. I wasn't really giving anything away, was I? You've all seen this episode. He then starts talking about his "powers of concentration" but is then easily sidetracked by Miss Perky's massage. He then babbles some more about how his brain functions on 14 different levels of stupid and it also takes in variables like Nascar velocity and the humidity at tractor pulls. While he was busy listening to the sound of his own voice, the rain stopped. Daryl: "Uh oh."

Mulder And Scully's Motel Room Of Offscreen Bed Sharing. Mulder's sitting on the bed, going over newspaper articles. Scully walks in and sits in the chair next to the bed. She tells Mulder, quite excitedly, that the next flight out is at 10:00am. She can't wait to get out of there. Mulder holds up a newspaper and tells her that on one day back in 1991 it rained rose petals for an hour. Scully is exasperated and adamantly tells him that they're going home, Daryl is being sued by 50 people and there is no case. Mulder then tells her that the day it rained rose petals was the day after the death of Holman's mother. He says that Holman is "manufacturing the weather" and comments on his relief over the fact that Daryl was drunk. Holman has been hospitalized five times with nervous exhaustion, each time coinciding with some crazy weather. To everyone's surprise, Scully's not buying it. Mulder then asks Scully about that disorder where the weather affects the way people feel. "SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder," Scully says. Mulder theorizes that maybe someone's feelings can affect the weather. "That the weather is somehow an expression of Holman Hardt's feelings or better still, the feelings that he's not expressing?" Scully then suppresses the feeling that she'd like to hit Mulder upside the head with that newspaper. Then Mulder and Scully sleep in the same bed, offscreen. I'd like to think there was some spooning involved. Although seeing as how they were so uptight this season, it was most likely unintentional and they were unaware of it. Scully probably woke up with Mulder's arms around her and pretended to be horrified.


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