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1x11: FIRE

Recap by raceguy120390

Previously in the life of Good Cop, Insane Cop: Recapping the Adventures of Moose and Squirrel: Buffangel over at Television Without Pity whined and whined about how Jessica should recap this episode called Memento Mori. I told her to quit being lazy and do it herself. It snowballed into this massive project to recap every single one of the 201 episodes of The X-Files (and one abysmal movie), and the first ever thread at TWoP devoted completely to the running of another site. How they let us get away with it, I have no idea. Anyway, after all that, a ruptured appendix, a minor car crash, sitting through the local equivalent of my SATs, and getting into university, I'm finally ready to recap my first episode, and hoist a whole pile of bad jokes upon the world. Unless my appendix decides to pull a Leonard Betts on me and regrow itself.

We open not in the United States, but in that other united mess, the United Kingdom. Bosham, England, to be precise. The caption tells us that Bosham is seventy miles south-west of everybody's favourite British capital city, London. Eat it, Cardiff! On that note, shouldn't the caption read "112 kilometres", since England uses the metric system? Anyway, Bosham is home to a well-kept house with an equally well-kept garden. It's so well kept, in fact, that the gardeners wear dinner suits whilst pruning! The owner of that house, it seems, is a typically uptight Pom who kisses his much-better-looking wife goodbye and walks down the footpath, slowly greeting the hired help on his way to his chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Twenty bucks says that that's not how the average Briton lives. Throughout this scene, the camera lingers on Cecil, a gardener with creepy eyes and a somewhat Irish accent. It's probably not important. After telling his wife to have his dinner ready for him when he gets home, like a good British wife should, Generic Gent waves, and somehow, his arm is on fire for a few seconds before he notices it. I don't know about you, but if my arm was burning that severely, I think I would notice it a bit quicker than this guy did. Luckily, ball-and-chain notices and screams, rest of body catches alight, Generic Gent finally notices and tries to burn his immaculately-kept yard, and Creepy Irish Guy watches on.

And, credits! Those blue Blob things, whatever they are, never fail to make me laugh. Oh, and The Truth Is Out There. Not in here, but keep reading the recap anyway.

We're finally back in the US. And to contrast with the manor, we see Mulder and Scully walking through the American equivalent... a dirty parking garage. Heh. Scully has forgotten what it's like to spend a day in court. Yeah, those 381 unpaid parking violations really did wonders for my so... your social life today, Scully. Mulder notes that aliens apparently have diplomatic immunity, or something. Scully laughs, and Mulder left the car unlocked, even though he says he didn't. Way to take the blame, Mulder! Scully seems to think it's an X-File. Somehow I doubt that Chris Carter would write an episode about the Case of the Unlocked Passenger Door. At least not until Season 8.

Mulder dumps a pile of files and books into the car and sits down. Scully notices an incredibly high-tech cassette tape (another reminder that this was made during the Stupid Ages) and Mulder uses it to prove that he locked the doors. Scully wonders what it is, and Mulder replies "10 to 1, you can't dance to it". Whilst we're playing this game, the odds are 30 to one that it is a cheat's guide to winning at Trivial Pursuit, and 600 to one that it is some kind of genetically-engineered zucchini. Mulder plays the tape and a disturbingly Cornish (and very, very corny) voice greets "Agent Mulder", and tells hims that "six months ago, British Minister of Parliament Reggie Ellicott received an audio cassette, much like the one you're listening to now." He got a tape telling him of his own gruesome death? How cool! "Unfortunately for Minister Ellicott, when he popped the tape into the stereo, he armed a device, which, when he tried to exit the car, created an explosion which was heard five miles away. the Scotland Yard forensic team could only identify the poor bastard by his dental records." There's that polite British manners I've been wanting to see! "If only he hadn't reached for the door handle and triggered the detonator! But then, how was he to know he was sitting on enough plastic explosive to lift the car 40 feet in the air and deposit the engine blok on top of a three-storey building?" Just think for a moment: If only Mulder hadn't played that tape. But then, we would have been stuck investigating the Unlocked Passenger Door case. It turns out we can do both, because suddenly, Mulder's door opens and Scully gasps. Clearly, Scully was either very scared or has a fetish for door handles. Ew. Anywho, it's the English wench from the tape, who remarks on Mulder's ghostliness. But, strangely, not his Spookiness. Mulder tells Scully that said wench is an old friend. Wench thinks Mulder left his sense of humour on Oxford ten years ago. Firstly, Wench, that wasn't that funny, and secondly, if Mulder hadn't laughed for ten years, he would have paid a hooker to dress up like a clown and juggle his balls by now. (Yeah, I have a very dirty mind. Get used to it, because you're stuck with me for the rest of this recap.) Wench kisses Mulder and says that some mistakes are worth making twice. Not on Mulder's list of mistakes worth repeating are letting liver-eating serial killers live, ordering escargot from a French restaurant, having unprotected sex with a supposedly-barren, cancer-beating alien abductee, and doing the mattress foxtrot with you, you awful British Wench.


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