It was the usual story: believer meets skeptic; believer and skeptic chase liver-eating mutants, aliens, and various other baddies of the paranormal persuasion; believer and skeptic may or may not fall in love and possibly have sex, or not, and sort of have a baby that may or may not have alien powers, or something. It was a show called The X-Files, and in its twilight years Television Without Pity blessed us by sending Jessica to recap it. Her recaps were snarky and hilarious and full of action-figure shenanigans, and X-Philes everywhere loved them. But then the show ended, with so many episodes sadly still un-recapped. So the TWoP X-Philes decided to pick up where Jessica had left off and recap the remaining episodes in her honor. We’re no Jessicas, but we hope you’ll enjoy them regardless.


All recaps are written assuming you have watched all 9 seasons of The X-Files, or do not mind being spoiled. No additional spoiler warnings will be posted. Consider yourself warned!

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