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Sunnyrea, “If I had a boat I would sail to you”

John is completely different and special from anyone Sherlock would normally come in contact with – no talk of money and hidden family secrets, no surface, superfluous conversations and blatant lies. John was the most honest person in less than five minutes Sherlock has ever met. He wants to know everything else there is to know about John Watson.

(Sherlock/Titanic fusion!)

ObsidianEmbrace, “Through the Looking Glass”

When you chase criminals over rooftops, death is always a possibility. We woke up in 1889 instead. Which is not a place where two men in a relationship want to be.

thequeergiraffe, “The Brave and The Cunning”

The Inter-House Challenge: also known as the bane of John Watson’s existence. He turned the card over in his hands once more- emerald green, the stock heavy- and eyed the spidery silver scrawl on it with more trepidation than seemed reasonable. A lot of other boys were mentoring Slytherins, so why should he be so nervous?

John sat down on the edge of his bed, the card in his hands, and stared at the name written there. If he were honest with himself, he knew he wasn’t worried because the boy was a Slytherin, or a pureblood, or wildly wealthy. He was worried because the boy was Sherlock Holmes.
Follows a similar plot to A Study in Pink. John is a sixth-year, Sherlock a fifth-year, but that doesn’t mean that Auror Lestrade doesn’t need their help once a wizard begins poisoning Muggles in what Muggle police falsely believe to be serial suicides.

tawabids, “They Mostly Come Out at Night”

Mummy Holmes was admiral of the British space fleet, and her sons were gestated in a synthetic womb called an AGU. When something monstrous burst out of a lieutenant’s chest and got loose on board a ship carrying the Holmes family, the unborn second son and was left on board. A quarter of a century later, the Orbiter 200B is a floating wreck on the edge of the colonised territory. Mycroft Holmes sends a Royal Navy special ops vehicle, the Baker, to the abandoned ship to learn what can be salvaged.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Alecto, “Necessary Faith”

Mary Morstan is a hunter of the supernatural sort and John isn’t quite sure what to make of that. Nothing about life without Sherlock Holmes makes much sense to John anyway. At least hunting the things that go bump in the night gives him a sense of purpose again.

Crossover with Supernatural (TV series) is minor, though brief cameo appearances by Dean, Sam, and Castiel in chapter 13.

1electricpirate, “You are a Paradigm”

Sometimes, only sometimes, when Sherlock is very far away and absolutely guaranteed not to return for at least three hours, John sits on the sofa and lets the tea make itself.

In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.

Taz, “The Adventure of the Spare Detective”

“This phone call, it’s a…my note. What people do, don’t they…leave a note?”

Standing the edge of the parapet where the aluminium flashing had broken away, exposing lighter stone. Granite is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz by volume. The absurdity of the thought…impending death concentrates the mind wonderfully…grey and silver clouds boiling up out of nowhere…tiny people screaming and running like ants scuttling before the storm. If I step on them, they’ll be crushed.


“Goodbye, John.” He flung the phone behind him, spread his arms and took a step. Catch me!

There was the sound of wind rushing in his ears and then…


He rolled over and wished he hadn’t; his stomach revolted.

All he could do was lay there panting. Concussion. Brain ping-ponging inside skull.

It was cold. The smells reaching him were sharp and boggy.

Wet grass. Dirt…organic matter…mineral particles…vomit. Can’t stay here. Get up…slowly. Where am I? Everything was muffled in fog, but there were lights scattered in the haze, some distance… In the direction of…of left foot…Move. Toward the lights…the sound of the water…no traffic…you’d think…but, in this fog…smells like a horse’s been…don’t think…one foot after another…

One foot after another…there’s a tree…progress pilgrim…the way is hard…paw over paw, the dog goes to Dover…if he doesn’t stumble over the edge of the path…

The footpath was bound with old-fashioned ironwork. He recognized the place…the bridge…Regent’s Park…the streetlights had been recently restored to pre-war. That meant knew the way home…John would be waiting. And, speaking of horses, there was the clip-clop-clipping of hooves and the flicker of dim lamps approaching.

“Here you!” someone bawled out. “Out of it! You tryin’ to kill yourself!”

atropabelladonna1120, “The Fraternity”

After the incident at the pool, Mycroft Holmes decides that drastic measures are needed to protect his brother from James Moriarty. He calls on the one man he knows he can trust completely. Sherlock (BBC) and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 2011 crossover WIP. AU: It’s 2011, but the Cold War hasn’t ended. Smiley’s factotum, Fawn, is a woman.

patster223, “A Study in Earthbending”

John is an earthbender who was sent back to Republic City after being invalided home from the army. There he meets Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective and one of the most powerful benders in the city, who appears to have left both a riding crop and a fire ferret in the mortuary. Sherlock fusion with Legend of Korra (which is a spinoff of Avatar the Last Airbender).

fresne, “The Case of the Rolling Wheel and the Long Road”

Ch1: The facts were these, when Sherlock Holmes was thirty years, four months, twenty-nine days, five hours and thirty-six minutes old, he fell over a waterfall. However, despite his considerable experience in the matter, he found that sometimes death has a grace period.
Ch2: In which there is some explanation as to what happens when the Blackbird sang – no noses removed
Ch3: Some notes
Ch4: In which there are further explanations as to why the denizens of the Pie Hole are in England. Plus adventure. Plus singing.